Introducing Wispmon 4

Total Management Platform

Comprehensive billing, management, CRM, and monitoring platform for your WISP, FISP, Cable, or traditional ISP.

Billing / Sales / CRM / Ticketing / Work Orders / Scheduling / Monitoring / Inventory Management / IP Management / Provisioning / FCC 477 / more...



Leading The Way

Constant Innovation

Wispmon was the first wisp-centric management system to incorporate billing, monitoring, mapping, sales qualification, ticketing, and work orders into a single platform. With Wispmon 4, we are first again adding full inventory management, ip management, full scale monitoring, sms capabilites, and much more.

Fully Responsive Design

Completely redesigned front end to be a flexible, modern, and fully responsive web based solution running on any device with an internet connection.

Dashboard Driven

Easy to use, customizable dashboard with the most important items you need in plain sight.


Our goal is to provide you the most comprehesive, fully integrated toolset available so that you can focus on growing your customer base.


We are here to help you be successful and offer free tech support around the clock.

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    Wispmon 4.0 Released

    The much anticipated release of Wispmon 4.0 occurs at Wispapalooza,Oct. 2015 adding even more features and responsive modern design.

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    Qualify Standard and Pro Released

    Stand alone customer qualification, network planning, and viewshedding application released.

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    Wispmon Mobile Apps released

    Wispmon releases mobile apps for tower finding, and field tech work order completion.

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    Wispmon Goes Full Time

    Dot-11 Networks is sold, and Wispmon staff continue full time development and sales of Wispmon Platform.

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    Wispmon is born

    Running a Wisp in N Central TX, Cameron Crum and Robert Olive of Dot-11 Networks, realize a need for a single comprehensive platform for managing their business and Wispmon is born. Originally envisioned as a network mapping, monitoring, planning, ticketing, and work order system, development begins. Billing is later added to round out the initial offering and sales begin after several people see the platform in operation at a MUM conference and inquire about how to purchase.

Amazing Features

What we do?


Wispmon can handle all of your billing needs. One Time, recurring, usage-based (metered), Hotspot, VOIP Provider Integration, and more.


Wispmon can provision and monitor your network and customers providing automated suspension and re-directs, usage notification, ticketing updates, SMS messaging for billing and outages, and much more. Wispmon stays in constant contact with both you and your customers informing you of important events and keeping your customers in the loop.


Wispmon tracks your customers from first call through the entire customer life cycle giving you a one-stop-shop to service and manage your customer base. Wispmon can pre-qualify your sales contacts using LOS profiling so you "know before you go" saving you money by reducing truck rolls for site surveys. We also provide you with a fully integrated customer self qualifcation form and map for your web page so customers can qualify themselves.

Scheduling/Ticketing/Work Orders

Wispmon's fully integrated Scheduling, Ticketing, and Work Order systems allow your customer service personnel to easily diagnose, track, and schedule necessary repairs, installations, and other work needed for your business.


Wispmon integrates full inventory management including vendors, purchase prices, purchase dates, serial numbers, quantities, RMA Generation and Tracking, and audit trails. Works with barcode scanners for quick input.

Network Monitoring

In addition to our basic ping based monitoring, Wispmon now includes full SNMP monitoring and graphing similar to tools like PRTG or Cacti.

Mapping and Network Visualization

Wispmon was the first to integrate geo-spatial capabilities including mapping of every customer and network component so you can get an instant view of not only where your customers and equipment are, but their up/down status, signal strengths, and other information you want to show. Additionally, our capabilities include LOS Profiling, Viewshedding, Census Tract and Block-group referencing, and more!

Other Features

Wispmon performs almost every function you need to manage the day to day operations of your organization. Here are just a few more features. Call us to get a demo and a full featureset.

  • Location Asset Management including tower heights, lease tracking, and other pertinent info like lock codes or emergency contact numbers
  • Integrated Customer Portal for payments, invoice/statement viewing, and usage monitoring
  • Multi-lingual
  • Detailed Network asset tracking (Antenna models, heights, azimuths, channel widths, frequencies, etc.)
  • Mutiple Technolgies Supported (Wireless, Fiber, Cable, DSL, Ethernet, and Dial-up)
  • FCC 477 Reporting


Check out a few screenshots of the application.

Pricing plans

  • Wispmon Pricing

  • Wispmon is priced on a per subsciber basis.
  • Customers with under 150 subscriber only pay the monthly minimum. After 150, you pay /sub/month based on our tiered pricing as shown.
  • Wispmon Pro includes all the features of Qualify Pro. Qualify Pro is a stand alone product for performing view shed analysis, running LOS profiles, and qualifying customers.
  • Wispmon Pro

  • Integration Fee

    $249 00

  • Monthly Minimum

    $149 95 mo

    *under 150 subscribers
  • 150-500 Subs $1.25/sub/month
  • 500-1000 Subs $1.10/sub/month
  • 1001-2000 Subs $0.90/sub/month
  • 2001-3000 Subs $0.80/sub/month
  • 3000+ Subs $0.75/sub/month
  • Qualify Pro

  • $4900mo.

  • LOS Profiling
  • Sales Contact Qaulification
  • Sales Contact Tracking
  • Qualify Standard Included
  • Viewsheds from your Towers
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